Financial analysis expert

1. Be responsible for the financial analysis of the domestic warehouse allocation business of a large-scale logistics network platform, budget management, business support and decision making, process construction and optimization;

2. Conducting competitive product analysis, commodity pricing, and ongoing market analysis and strategy adjustment for logistics services in various industries.

3. Carrying out explicit cost analysis for warehouse back-end resources, assisting back-end resource capacity building, introducing partners and follow-up management, supporting business negotiations between business teams and partners, and empowering partners to develop their business;

4. Deeply participating in business development, be able to propose constructive financial advice, preventing risks or bringing cost savings, and forming a systematic solution and landing led by financial department;

5. Through the analysis of monthly/quarterly reports, it is responsible for organizing the completion of business indicator and actual data tracking, insight into the causes of various data differences, multi-dimensional analysis from the perspective of finance and business, and providing financial advice to support decision-making of business sector;

6. Continuously improving BU financial management procedures and policies, and control business risks while supporting business development;


工作时间:09 : 00~12 :00   13 : 30~18 :00