General Manager of Business Department

1. According to the company's short-term and long-term business objectives and plans, formulating the company's overall sales strategy, doing a good job in market analysis and sales strategies, designating OTC sales channel plans, and completing market expansion and sales tasks;

2. Be responsible for the establishment of the OTC team, knowing and helping Regional Manager to carry out the work, designating the corresponding assessment system, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the employees, and enhancing the team cohesion;

3. Be responsible for negotiation, contracting, management, coordination, guidance, supervision and review of various business contracts;

4. Conducting regular market surveys, analysis and forecasting, analyzing the overall market dynamics, and writing analytical reports;

5. Maintaining long-term good cooperative relationship with customers and maintaining the company image.


工作时间:09 : 00~12 :00   13 : 30~18 :00