Business Agent Corporate Dutheil& Barbosa, LOGO Design Production Manager/director

1. Be responsible for production management;

2. Be responsible for the review of production orders, verifying the delivery date, and ensuring that the production tasks are completed on time and in good quality;

3. Be responsible for formulating production plans, organizing and implementing production according to plan, conducting production scheduling, management and control, and coordinating the handling of problems in the production process; ensuring that production goes smoothly;

4. Be responsible for the management of the production site, ensuring civilized operations and implementing safety production measures;

5. Strengthening the internal post management of the workshop, strictly enforcing labor discipline, standardizing employee behavior, and improving employee's consciousness and initiative;

6. Fully developing the production capacity of the factory, controlling production costs, and improving production efficiency;

7. Establishing and improving the production operation mechanism and quality operation system, and be responsible for improving the rules and regulations of the production department and the work responsibilities of each process to ensure the coordinated operation of each process.


工作时间:09 : 00~12 :00   13 : 30~18 :00