Network Development Director

1. Be responsible for formulating business development plans and establishing appropriate and replicable strategic cooperation models;

2. Be responsible for formulating annual, monthly and quarterly business development plans for each region;

3. With the goal of improving the number and quality of users, effectively completing resource integration and exchange, and carrying out BD cooperation activities;

4. Be responsible for the development, maintenance and management of key market partners and cooperation resources;

5. Implementing marketing projects based on the overall marketing plan, and coordinating the handling of internal and external coordination and cooperation issues with the project results;

6. Cooperating with the operation team to ensure the effective implementation of various operations including new business projects in the region, and timely feedback abnormal information;

7.Responsible for the overseas management of regional personnel, to create a BD team that meets the development requirements of the station.


工作时间:09 : 00~12 :00   13 : 30~18 :00