Legal Manager (Contract review and legal risk control)

1. Drafting, reviewing, tracking and processing of contracts and other legal documents;

2. Providing legal support for the negotiation of major cooperation projects of the company; providing feasible legal advice for the company's daily legal affairs and major projects;

3. Providing daily legal consultation and conducting internal risk control of the company;

4. Legal management qualifications of relevant companies and relevant government approval procedures;

5. Be responsible for safeguarding the rights of the infringement of the cooperative rights and interests of the company, and assisting and participating in the settlement of relevant litigation cases;

6. Coordinating and contacting judicial and relevant government departments to optimize the external legal environment of the company;

7. Investigating relevant legal issues in light of the company's business needs.

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工作时间:09 : 00~12 :00   13 : 30~18 :00